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VisualCalc Introduces “Email Results” and “Apply Now” Functionality for its Website Calculators

El Dorado Hills, Calif. – December 15, 2016 - VisualCalc, a leading provider of website calculators and custom decision support tools, today announced two new features it has incorporated into its family of website calculators: “Apply Now” and “Email Results.” These capabilities further improve the utility and convenience they offer website calculator users. In addition, for those companies deploying VisualCalc calculators on their website and mobile applications, these new features enhance their ability to turn leads and prospects into customers. The “Email Results” feature enables users to request a report that summarizes the results of their analysis. With a simple click of a button, VisualCalc calculators will automatically generate a summary results report and send it to the user’s email. The “Apply Now” feature, again with a click of a button, automatically takes a VisualCalc calculator user to an online application or webpage defined by deploying organization, significantly improving their lead conversion rates.

In addition to these new features, VisualCalc also announced it has launched a new line of responsive website calculators. These calculators will now automatically reformat their interface to optimize customer viewing and interaction for specific screen sizes and devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Responsive design has become a critical element for web-based applications and tools as more and more internet usage moves to mobile platforms.

A demonstration of these new features and capabilities can be seen at

About VisualCalc

VisualCalc provides interactive, graphical website calculators, decision support tools, and guided selling solutions. Organizations can embed these intuitive calculators on their website and mobile applications to help their customers and prospects effectively evaluate their products and services, leading them to the best possible purchasing decision. These online tools help organizations generate leads, close prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize their product sales mix. VisualCalc’s calculators feature an interactive, intuitive user interface that enables dynamic “what if” analysis, yet still offer responsive design and universal platform support across both desktop and mobile devices. These tools can be fully customized for an organization’s functional requirements and branding standards. These tools can also be integrated with 3rd party systems and databases, providing users with a personalized, comprehensive basis for their analysis. VisualCalc is a privately held company headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California.