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Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Lower Administrative costs

VisualCalc has developed web-based applications for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. These solutions can help a healthcare institution’s customers make the best possible plan and treatment decisions for their specific situation, including their anticipated medical needs and their plan coverage details. These tools help healthcare providers highlight the features, benefits, and advantages of their health plans, improving customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention. The automation and self-service capabilities provided by these tools also help lower provider administrative costs.


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HSA Contribution Calculator


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HMO Plan Comparison Tool


VisualCalc has developed a custom calculator and customer service tool that helps consumers evaluate and select the optimal health plan for their specific needs. This tool, called the Health Plan Comparison Tool, is a customizable web-based tool for health care providers that enables their customers to easily compare different health care plans. This comparison can be performed across plans offered by a single health care provider, or across plans offered by a variety of different providers.