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Turn-Key Calculators for Easy Deployment on Your Website

Help Your Customers Make Quicker, Better Informed Decisions

VisualCalc offers a wide variety of pre-configured financial calculators that can quickly and easily be deployed on your website as-is, including Mortgage Calculators, Retirement Calculators, Income & Insurance Calculators, Savings Calculators and Auto Loan Calculators. VisualCalc calculators help consumers make better informed financial decisions. They provide consumers with an intuitive, interactive and visual tool to easily analyze complex purchase decisions related to a variety of financial services, including account selection, asset and deposit allocation, mutual fund portfolio strategies, retirement planning, and a variety of other financial and business alternatives. VisualCalc calculators enable consumers to perform interactive “what if” analysis related to these decisions. Using any desktop or mobile platform, consumers can manipulate a set of intuitive input mechanisms, such as buttons, sliders, and input boxes, to change a variety of input variables. The impact of these changes is immediately shown in easy-to-understand tables, graphs and charts. The helps consumers quickly and effectively evaluate a financial institution’s products and services, leading them to the best option for their specific needs.


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Home Loan Calculator


Generate Leads, Close Prospects, Improve Customer Satisfaction

VisualCalc financial calculators help financial institutions generate leads, close prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize their product sales mix. These calculators serve as a guided selling solution, enabling their prospects and customers to quickly and effectively evaluate their products, leading them to the best possible purchase decision. VisualCalc calculators can help generate awareness for existing and new products by highlighting them in product selector tools. They help increase sales by presenting a compelling, personalized value proposition to prospects at a time when they are most receptive to the message. At the same time, these website calculators improve customer satisfaction by offering low-pressure decision support that helps educate customers and ensure that they end up with products and services that best meet their needs. VisualCalc calculators help financial institutions address some of the key opportunities and challenges they currently face in today’s environment:

  • Expand new custom acquisition

  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Reduce customer churn

  • Cross-sell and up-sell additional products and services

  • Right channel – reduce transaction costs for sales and support

Platform Features & Benefits

Advanced Calculation Engine & Interactive “What If” Analysis Capabilities

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Enables users to perform interactive “what-if” analyses. An advanced embedded calculation engine that supports state-of-the-art computational algorithms and simulation techniques such as Monte Carlo methods drives the results of these analyses. Users can manipulate a set of intuitive input mechanisms, such as buttons and sliders, to change a multitude of organization-defined variables. The impact of these changes is immediately shown in clear, easy-to-understand tables, graphs and charts. This helps users reach the best possible decision for their specific needs.

Intuitive Visual User Interfaces

Supports a variety of user input mechanisms (sliders, input boxes, check boxes, etc.) and display formats (bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, gas gauges, etc.).

Universal Platform Support

Offers universal compatibility across both desktop and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Based on standard HTML, with no requirement for graphic plug-ins like Java or Flash. 

Responsive Design

Applications automatically reformat their interface to optimize user viewing and interaction for specific target screen sizes and devices, including desktop windows, tablets, and mobile phones.

Customizable for Functional Requirements and Branding Standards


Can be customized to incorporate your requirements, including overall functionality, business rules, user interface standards, etc. Can also be customized to incorporate an organization’s branding and graphical standards, so that the tool seamlessly integrates with the organization’s website, and has a consistent “look and feel” with the organization’s other marketing properties and collateral.

Integration with Internal and External Systems and Databases

Offers complete integration with an organization’s existing systems, enabling you to auto-populate the tools with current data, such as customer account balances. Can also be integrated with third-party systems and data sources, such as current interest rates or customer account balances at other institutions. Provides your users with a complete, accurate, and personalized snapshot of their specific situation. This holistic view also helps your internal associates work with customers to optimize their decisions.

Integrated Data Capture-and-Forward Capabilities

Transforms applications from a point solution to a comprehensive, end-to-end customer service, lead generation and sales conversion platform. Enables organizations to capture user input data, and then forward this information, along with the results of the analysis, to an organization’s internal systems, such as lead management, CRM, and customer support systems. Analysis results can also be used to automatically prepare and send customized follow-up communications (in any organization-defined format, such as a loan application) back to users, helping to move the sales conversion cycle forward.


Success Story

Newport Group - My Forecast


Newport Group and VisualCalc formed a joint product team to design and develop a new, web-based interactive retirement and personal planning solution designed specifically for retirement services and executive benefit providers. This solution, called My Forecast, is now integrated in Newport Group’s website, and available to all of Newport’s qualified retirement plan and non-qualified deferred compensation plan clients.