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  • Decision Support Tools

  • Financial Calculators

  • Custom Analytic Applications


  • Web Application Design

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  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Healthcare

Company Overview

Decision Support Tools, Financial Calculators, Custom Analytics Applications

VisualCalc provides a broad spectrum of web application development options, including turn-key financial calculators, customizable data analysis tools, and fully custom web applications based on our customer’s specifications. All of our applications are built on a time-tested core platform that provides a quicker time-to-market, lower development costs, and state-of-the-art analytics functionality.

Web Application, Design, Development & Support

For over 15 years, VisualCalc has been developing interactive, visual, and intuitive web-based applications across a variety of industries and application categories. Our primary focus is on data analytics, decision support tools, and financial calculators. We work with commercial and government organizations to provide web application design, development, hosting and support. Our analytics applications help your customers, employees, and constituencies make quicker, better-informed decisions.

A Broad Spectrum of Commercial & Government Customers

VisualCalc works with public companies, private organizations and government agencies to design and develop internal or external web applications focused on data analytics, decision support, and customer service.  Our applications help you generate leads, close prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize your product sales mix. We can host your web-based applications for you, or you are free to host them yourselves. Either way, we will help maintain and update the applications as your needs change and industry trends and technology evolve.


Featured Demo

Retirement Planning Calculator


Success Story

Newport Group - My Forecast

Newport Group and VisualCalc formed a joint product team to design and develop a new, web-based interactive retirement and personal planning solution designed specifically for retirement services and executive benefit providers. This solution, called My Forecast, is now integrated in Newport Group’s website, and available to all of Newport’s qualified retirement plan and non-qualified deferred compensation plan clients.