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Success Stories

DC.Gov Personal Retirement Planner


VisualCalc worked with DC.Gov, the official web portal for District of Columbia’s government information and services, to develop a retirement planning calculator for use by employees participating in the district’s retirement plans. The objective of this calculator, called the Personal Retirement View (PRV), was to help employees with multiple retirement savings accounts determine the amount of retirement income they require, and to understand and to adjust current salary deferral amounts and portfolio asset allocations to effectively meet their retirement income goal.

Deposit Allocation Tool


VisualCalc worked with a large national bank to develop a custom sales tool called the Deposit Allocation Tool. The Deposit Allocation Tool is a powerful, customizable sales tool that banks and other financial institutions can use to help establish and cultivate relationships with customers and prospects. The Deposit Allocation Tool helps banks determine a customer’s optimal deposit allocation across a variety of their deposit products, such as checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s and IRA’s.

HMO Plan Comparison Tool


VisualCalc developed a custom calculator and customer service tool that helps consumers evaluate and select the optimal health plan for their specific needs. This tool, called the Health Plan Comparison Tool, is a customizable web-based tool for health care providers that enables their customers to easily compare different health care plans. This comparison can be performed across plans offered by a single health care provider, or across plans offered by a variety of different providers. 

HMO Treatment Fee Tool


VisualCalc recently completed a project with one of the country’s largest HMOs to implement the VisualCalc Health Treatment Fee Tool for their organization. The tool is a powerful, customizable web-based tool for health care providers that enables their customers to easily determine the cost of specific treatments before the services are performed. The tool benefits consumers by enabling them to conveniently get reliable estimates for their health care costs. The tool benefits health care providers by enhancing the transparency of their health care fees and improving overall customer satisfaction. As an automated “self service” tool, it also reduces a health care provider’s administrative time and expenses.

Montgomery Securities Custom Calculators


After an extensive search, Montgomery selected a set of VisualCalc Custom Calculators designed to engage customers, assess their needs, and lead them to appropriate purchasing decision. VisualCalc Custom Calculators help customers and sales representatives analyze complex financial options in investment portfolios, asset allocations, mutual funds and business alternatives. These tools can be integrated with third party sources or existing systems to pull in current data such as interest rates and prices. They can also be customized to use a company’s business rules for things like asset allocation recommendations or loan qualification guidelines. 

Newport Group - My Forecast

Newport Group and VisualCalc formed a joint product team to design and develop a new, web-based interactive retirement and personal planning solution designed specifically for retirement services and executive benefit providers. This solution, called My Forecast, is now integrated in Newport Group’s website, and is available to all of Newport’s qualified retirement plan and non-qualified deferred compensation plan clients.