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HMO Plan Comparison Tool

Solution Overview

The VisualCalc HSA Plan Comparison Tool helps employees easily compare HSA and traditional health plans, enabling them to select the plan that best meets their needs. This graphical, interactive web-based tool provides employees with a set of simple inputs to estimate their medical usage rates for the upcoming year. It then applies these projections to a set of HSA provider-and employer-defined medical costs and plan parameters (deductibles, co-payments, etc.) to provide employees with an estimate of their annual costs for both an HSA and traditional health plan.

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Employee Benefits

The HSA Plan Comparison Tool enables employees to quickly and easily select the most cost-effective health plan for their needs. The tool shields employees from having to manually manage the complex set of data required for this comparison, including premiums, co-payments, deductibles and medical costs.Employees are presented with a more “complete and accurate” comparison thansimplistic, back-of-the-envelope decision making.


Employer Benefits

The HSA Plan Comparison Tool benefits employers by providing their employees with an objective, non-biased analysis that incents them to switch, in many cases, to an HSA health plan. These higher deductible plans reduce employers’ healthcare premium costs. In addition, the tool improves employee satisfaction by providing them with an intuitive tool that reduces their costs and improves their overall healthcare approach.

HSA Provider Benefits

The HSA Plan Comparison Tool benefits HSA providers by increasing their penetration of HSA accounts, boosting their overall revenues. The tool also provides HSA providers with a competitive differentiation versus their competitors. Finally, the tool improves customer satisfaction and retention for both their direct customers (employers), and their downstream customers (employees).


User Operation

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Employees are provided with access to a graphical, interactive web-based tool through their employer’s or provider’s website. Theemployees use a set of intuitive input mechanisms (both sliders and boxes) to estimate their projected health usage rates for the upcoming year across a variety of categories, including office visits, hospital visits, surgical procedures and drug prescriptions. The tool applies these projections to a set of employer and/or provider-defined medical costs and health plan parameters to estimate and compare the annual costs for both traditional and HSA health plans. The tool clearly shows employees how much they can save by switching to the lower cost plan (in most cases, the HSA plan). The tool also allows employees to override some of the provider-defined medical costs to tailor them to their specific situation, providing a more accurate cost estimate.


Technology Platform Benefits

  • Universal Platform Support
    Offers universal compatibility across both desktop and mobile devices, with no requirement for graphic plug-ins.

  • Responsive Design
    Reformats their user interface to optimize their display across desktop windows, tablets and smart phones.

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces
    Supports a variety of user input mechanisms and display formats.

  • Customizable for Provider and Employer Plan DetailsCustomized to incorporate provider- and employer-specific plan details, including co-pays, deductibles, prescription and service costs, etc. Customized to

  • Customizable for Employer Brand StandardsCustomized for an organization’s branding and graphical standards, creating a seamless integration.

  • Advanced Calculation Engine & Interactive “What If”Analysis

    Enables users to perform interactive “what-if” analyses, helpingthem reach the best possible decision for their specific needs.