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VisualCalc Partners

A Partner-Centric Strategy

VisualCal's partner-centric strategy helps deliver added value to our customers through customized products, tailored professional services, and in-depth marketing and product development capabilities.

Ideal Add-On Software

The easy-to-implement technology behind our website calculator and decision support tool software makes it ideal for partners to add to their product line without diluting precious marketing and development resources from core products. ISVs, System Integrators and Solution Providers can include VisualCalc Calculators and Tools to create a best-of-breed solution. Fidelity Information Services, for example, is embedding VisualCalc Calculators and Tools in their online banking systems, which are being used by over 1,000 banks and credit unions across the globe. Resellers adding VisualCalc software to their offering can revisit existing, mature customers with fresh solutions, opening up new revenue streams.

Personalization, Lead Generation

VisualCalc's products can also provide important lead-generation capabilities to our partners, allowing them to capture customer information and use that information to automatically provide personalized product and service suggestions. As an example, American Home Mortgage embeds VisualCalc Calculators and Tools on their individualized mortgage broker sites. Based on the information provided by users, VisualCalc automatically develops mortgage recommendations that are ideally suited for that individual.

We're Ready to Support You

VisualCalc fully supports partners by assisting with content for marketing collateral, product support, consulting, customization and training.

Learn More!

If you are interested in becoming a VisualCalc partner, or for more information about what it means to be a VisualCalc partner, please contact us via the form located at Become a Partner.